Chris Hancock verkauft seinen Hobie Cat 16

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Chris Hancock verkauft seinen Hobie Cat 16

Beitragvon Knud » 17.12.2012, 21:40

Unser australischer Hobie-Freund Chris Hancock möchte sein 2012er Hobie 16 verkaufen.

the boat is a may 2012 model
sail number 113158
sail color carnardo
with spi blue
the boat is used
the boat came 2nd in the 2012 hobie europeans and 3rd in the 2012 Kiel Week
it is currently in the south of france ready to sail
comes with the australian jib traveler system
Can have the boat with or with out spi
€ 10,000 euro with spi
€ 9,500 without spi

Kontakt Chris Hancock:
Mobil: +4915736771856

Alternativer deutschsprachiger Kontakt:
Andy Dinsdale Tel: +33623480564